• About Nikolas Pattantyus

    Nikolas Pattantyus is an American photographer, filmmaker, (and massage therapist) whose documentation of the landscapes and wildlife of New Jersey has earned him the moniker "Nature Nik".

    Nikolas has been in numerous media spotlights for his unique dolphin footage which he captures from his paddleboard. His photos and videos have been featured by Stowe Mountain, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, The Reeds at Shelter Haven, and more.

    Through his imagery, Nikolas inspires environmental awareness in New Jersey residents and beyond.

    APAC Winner 2017, 2018

    The works of over 50 professional artists and 8 emerging artists were juried by the Avalon Performing Arts Council. Nikolas Pattantyus was awarded "Best in Show 2017" the highest honor for this photo, "Ides of March".

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  • Media

    Nikolas Pattantyus in the Media

    Photo by David Swanson

    From a paddleboard, this man has become 'Dolphin Whisperer'

    Philadelphia Inquirer

    August 3 2017

    Photo by Yvonne Yuen

    Bird's eye view of dolphins swimming along Jersey Shore


    April 6 2017

    Photo by Yvonne Yuen

    'Dolphin Whisperer' captures pod in full force at Jersey Shore

    Philly Voice

    April 6 2017

    Nikolas Pattantyus photography

    Turtle Nesting Tips

    The Roasted Beat, Volume 2 Issue 1

    by Nikolas Pattantyus

    Nikolas Pattantyus photography

    The Rules of Engagement

    The Roasted Beat, Volume 2 Issue 2

    by Nikolas Pattantyus

    Nikolas Pattantyus photography

    Swimming with Dolphins

    The Roasted Beat, Volume 1 Issue 2

    by Nikolas Pattantyus

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